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The Passage – Episode 1 – AMSTERDAM

10 -11 November 2016, 19.00 hrs

Tickets: Frascati Theatre Amsterdam

Space as an organism.
A building as a mental construct.
A performance as a passage.

The Passage


The Passage is a performance that passes through a theatre in collaboration with the weather and the city. For The Passage, we have been collecting dreams – our own and other people’s nighttime dreams and daytime projections – mapping and weaving them into narratives of spaces. The performance is a passage through a labyrinth of spaces in and around Frascati that is both internal and external at the same time.

The Passage: Episode 1 is the first version of the performance that marks the end of the research phase and that will evolve into a larger performance in 2017. It will be followed by a conversation with the audience.

The Passage is part of Spectra – space as an organism, a long term project we have been developing the past year where we engage with the whole space and the audience’s presence in it as part of the work. There is no position outside. In Spectra, we are not in the space but we are space. Spectra is a practice, a cosmology-in-the-making and a friendship.

Concept, choreography, spatial design and performance Andrea Božić and Julia Willms Artistic collaboration and production support Marta Krešić and Lana Šprajcar Light and technical support Marion Tränkle With many thanks to Mala Kline who introduced us to her dream practice. With many thanks to the dreamers Erin Hill, Marta Krešić, Orion Maxted, Lana Šprajcar, Catarina Vleira, a.o.

Produced by TILT. Spectra project development has been made possible by the financial contribution of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, the Mondriaan Fund and the research subsidy of DAS Research.

A passage is a space in-between spaces. A no man’s land. It is not a space. It is a passage. An arcade. A tunnel. A cave. A womb. Here I am a traveller. A hunter. A spy. A migrant. A voyeur. There are other passengers around. We are passengers to each other.

It could happen that we stay in the passage forever. We would keep travelling. We would keep passing. The passage might take us someplace we do not know yet. We would keep travelling to go places we do not know yet. Places we do not know yet what they are. We would keep passing to go places where we do not know yet who we are.