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Double Points: Paradiso : A Study For Paradise

Interdisciplinary performance, 30 min, 2009

Double Points: Paradiso : A Study For Paradise splits and multiplies the moment now into many that exist at the same time. A girl, a boy, an audience, their sound and image.  The sum of elements is always the same but something is exchanged, nothing stays the same.



Before studying Zen, men are men and mountains are mountains. While studying Zen things become confused. After studying Zen men are men and mountains are mountains. After telling this, dr. Suzuki was asked: “What is the difference between before and after?” He said: “No difference. Only the feet are a little bit off the ground.” (from John Cage’s Indeterminacy)

This piece was made as a commission: Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten asked Andrea Božić, artist-in-residence at their ICKamsterdam for two years, to create a sketch performance on Dante’s Paradiso. She involved her long-time creative partners, composer Robert Pravda and video artist Julia Willms.

First created for and performed at The Event Party in the Kitchen – a Peek into ICK,  December 2009.

Concept, choreography: Andrea Božić; Video, concept: Julia Willms; Music: Robert Pravda; Dance: Neda Hadji-Mirzaei, Dereck Cayla;  Light design: Henk Danner ;  Production: Tanja Hendriks

Commissioned and produced by ICKAmsterdam