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Performance by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT

Premiere: 24 March 2018, 18.30 and 21.00 hrs, Burgerweeshuis (Orphanage) designed by Aldo van Eyck in collaboration with BPD and Frascati in Amsterdam with a tour along a series of special locations in the city and further.

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PoroCity is a performance as a journey based on mapping dreams into special architectural locations. The familiar but elusive logic of dreams merges with everyday reality and, in their overlap, a third space emerges – a porous space we do not know yet. A space where anything is possible.
PoroCity weaves the dreams collected from various people into a larger dream narrative. Two performers alias ‘dreamers’ lead the audience through a labyrinth of spaces and map the dreams as though they take place in the here and now. PoroCity moves through a series of special architectural buildings as a living organism, in Amsterdam and further, such as Burgerweeshuis designed by Aldo van Eyck, Frascati Theatre and other iconic locations. Each location is a unique experience where the dreams, the location, the building, the audience and the space itself are woven into each other and become part of the performance. The whole series becomes a performance in itself: a unique journey through the city.


PoroCity premieres at the Burgerweeshuis (Orphanage) designed by the Dutch designer Aldo van Eyck and further appears on a series of special locations in Amsterdam, Netherlands and internationally and is on tour until March 2019.

Performance dates PoroCity:
•    21 & 23 March try-outs, 20.30 hrs, 24 (première) & 25 March 2018 at 18.30 and 21.00 hrs (tickets via www.frascatitheater.nl)
•    2 & 3 May Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam (two performances a day)
•    June 2018 Zagreb Dance Week Festival
•    July/September 2018 Burgerweeshuis in collaboration with GET LOST, Amsterdam
•    20-22 July Over het IJ festival, Amsterdam
•    13-15 December La Casa Encendida, Madrid
•    February 2019 Theater Ins Blau, Leiden

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The Burgerweeshuis (Orphanage) (1960) was designed by one of the most famous 20th century Dutch architects Aldo van Eyck to provide accommodation for 125 orphans. The building looks like a casbah or a labyrinth, composed of innumerable interior and exterior spaces interconnected in a complex order and merging into one another almost imperceptibly. In Van Eyck’s vision, the private and the collective were closely linked and the boundary between the building and the city had to be broken down. The Burgerweeshui has just undergone a major restoration and transformation and will soon be open to the public.

BPDis one of the largest European area developers and has been investing in art and culture for decades. BPD has made the Burgerweeshuis available to PoroCity.

Premiere: 21 and 23 March 2018, 20.30, try out, Burgerweeshuis (Orphanage) by Aldo van Eyck, BPD, Frascati; 24 March 2018, 18.30 and 21.00 premiere, Burgerweeshuis by Aldo van Eyck, BPD, Frascati; 25 March 2018, 18.30 and 21.00, Burgerweeshuis by Aldo van Eyck, BPD, Frascati

The Passage – Episode 1 (Research): 10/11 November 2016, Frascati Theatre Amsterdam (NL), Walk on Water 14 June 2017, Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain;


Concept, script, choreography and space: Andrea Božić and Julia Willms; Performers: Matthew Day and Julia Willms; Light design: Vinny Jones, Paul Beumer; Sound: Robert Pravda; TILT management and production: Marieke van Beuren; Technician: Paul Beumer; Thanks to Mala Kline and all the dreamers who have shared their dreams with us