Spectra | Salon: Within Cells Interlinked – open rehearsal – AMSTERDAM

We are happy to announce another installment of Spectra | Salons! Join us for an evening of an in-progress sharing of fragments from Within Cells Interlinked by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms plus conversations and drinks. An interdisciplinary evening exploring the overlaps between dream, gameplay and performance, how they guide and inform us in our waking lives and what agency they lend us.


TILT | Studio, Marci Panis, Marcusstraat 52 | 1D, Amsterdam

10 May 2024, 18.00 hrs

Spectra | Salons are in-disciplinary art evenings across performance and visual art that explore the questions of spectatorship, imagination and spectacle and how they are intertwined, embodied and felt in the era of globalism and digitalisation. Hosted by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms in the TILT studio and the Salon of Marci Panis, Amsterdam, the Spectra | Salons feature a series of in-progress sharing sessions, experiments and conversations which follow our and our guests current artistic research processes and questions.




Produced by TILT. Spectra | Salons are made possible by the financial contribution of the Gemeente Amsterdam / Stadsdeel Oost. TILT receives structural subsidy from the Amsterdam Fund for the Art for the period 2021-2024. Supported by Marci Panis.


How to get there: http://marcipanis.nl/wordpress/contact

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