corridor 30

Site specific architectural insert into location, installation, video, cardboard, monitor, DVD, sound, 2003

by Oliver Bokan and Julia Willms

corridor 30 is an architectural space installation made of wood and cardboard, with integrated video. The installation is built into a large underground space lit by neon lights. Walking into the exhibition space, one sees the outside of a architectural construction out of cardboard and wood, which looks like a hallway which leads through a doorframe. When you enter the hallway it is pitch dark, the only light comes from tiny cuts in the cardboard ceiling. As you walk through the hallway, you turn a corner twice to the left and enter a larger space also built ouf of cardboard. At its very end there is a monitor showing the view of the construction from outside as though it was placed within an old bathroom. Although you remain entirely surrounded with cardboard, the athmosphere seems to have changed. The soundscape is different. There is a slight echo. The smell of cardboard mixes with something else. It becomes cooler. It feels damp. One cannot be sure, what to trust, one's one senses and the camera or not.

- Arbeiten, Expo Seidlgasse, Vienna, Austria, 2003

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