Pulse Line – Nähe#1 – Gallery Obrist – ESSEN

Happy to announce that our work Pulse Line is part of this group exhibition:

NÄHE #1 (Closeness) - Touch
The desire for closeness goes hand in hand with the need for touch. Touching means overcoming the spatial separation between the self and the other. The distance shrinks to a minimum and a positive feeling of familiarity is beginning. But the touch can also be uncomfortable, scary or overwhelming, dangerous or painful. The abandonment of contact and the desire for distance fulfill important functions for the individual and society - they keep the dark side of closeness under control.

Artists: Marcela Böhm, Andrea Božić & Julia Willms, John Coplans, EVA & ADELE, FLATZ, (e.)Twin Gabriel, Simone Haack, Franziska Nast, Annegret Soltau

Curator: Sabine Kampmann

Schedule of the NÄHE (Closeness) exhibition series March until August, 2021
19 March – 05 May 2021 NÄHE #1 – berühren (touch)
07 May – 12 June 2021 NÄHE #2 – spüren (feel)
18 June – August 2021 NÄHE #3 – verführen (seduce)

Book NÄHE (german/ english), release: 18 June 2021

Opening: Friday, 19 March 2021, 19 hrs

Exhibition: 19 March – 2 May 2021

All further information HERE

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