The Cube – Museum Night – KUBUS – HANOVER

Saturday, 18 May 2022, from of 18.00 hrs

The Cube is an audio-visual installation, an immersive environment for a white cube space where the entire room is part of the work. The installation re-organizes the apparatus of the white cube by overlapping the architectural space with images of the forces of nature at work.

For the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen, The Cube has found a perfect host at the municipal gallery Kubus, seamlessly fusing with it.

The Cube

The Cube fills a wall with a video projection of the gallery space itself, extending and doubling the white cube space through central-perspective projection. A series of very slow cross-fades overlaps spectacular weather conditions, dramatic natural landscapes and animals into this extended space. The relative scales of a mountain landscape or a snail are modified to fit into the same white cube, making everything either too big or too small relative to the eponymous cube or the viewers: The mountain appears in miniature but the snail is a giant both in relation to the room and the spectator. The extended white cube does not remain unchanged by the forces and animals it contains, but the walls also break open so the visitor finds themselves at the top of a mountain or in an aquarium. The installation brings images into this white cube that problematize human relationship with and interventions into nonhuman systems. Alpine pastures and rocky mountain ranges which look like ‘wild’ nature but are in fact landscapes co-created artificially through cultivation’ and heavily exploited for skiing and other nature sports and tourism.

The installation overlaps a cinematic procedure with the architecture, intensifying the presence of the resulting imaginal space. The very slow cross-fades invite the viewer into deeply immersive states while underlining the actual room. One’s gaze shifts between these two poles, internalizing the environment: One is both here and elsewhere. The Cube is a moving sculpture, a choreography of gaze, a performance of space.

The Cube is based on analogic dream logic: By weaving the organic, architectural and digital spaces, both the continuity of materialities as well as the logic of space constantly shift, placing the viewer into a perspective which is always multiple, allowing for the experience of multiplicity, and to occupy several spacetimes at the same time.

Co-operation  KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen/ KUBUS:

The KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen in Hanover is an annual international and interdisciplinary festival in which music plays a central role. For the 13th edition of the festival, artistic director Ingo Metzmacher and the dramaturgy have again put together a diverse program that transcends genre boundaries and invites the audience to unique artistic experiences. From 12 May to 29 May 29 2022, the KunstFestSpiele will present musical theater, performances, concerts, dance and theater performances, and installations by international artists. Some of the works on display have been specially commissioned and developed for the venues of the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen.

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Concept, camera, installation Andrea Božić and Julia Willms animation Julia Willms sound Andrea Božić

Produced by TILT. Made possible by the financial contribution of the Mondriaan Fund, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich and the Amsterdam Art Fund. Supported by the Vienna Art Foundation.


Images: The Cube by Helge Krückeberg (1-3) / Julia Willms (4-7)

Exhibition: 14.05.2022 – 19.06.2022 - daily from 11.00-18.00 hrs*

Theodor-Lessing-Platz 2
30159 Hanover, Germany

Admission free



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