A World at the Radio Futura

27 September 2014, 16.00 – 19.00 hrs

Tune in to the Radio Futura@Frascati tomorrow 27 September between 16.00-19.00. It’s the last day of the three week broadcast with future perspectives. Especially for the occasion, we are broadcasting our manifesto A World as an 8-minute meditation for your own room with a view.

Find a comfortable and quiet spot at home, at work, or in a public space with a view to the outside and listen to A World.


With contributions by: Wouter Hillaert, Tchelet Weisstub, Tobias Kokkelmans, Emke Idema, Anoek Nuyens, Davy Pieters, Bo Tarenskeen, Andrea Božić, Julia Willms, Mladen Alexiev and Jochum Veenstra

You can listen to the archive of the show:

27 Sep – Citaat Voor De Toekomst (deel 1)

To just tune into our contribution jump forward to approx at 2.33 h.


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