How To Exit a Reality (Attempt 1 of 19)

Performance, 1:45 hrs, 2021

by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT

Critic's Choice: 'With How To Exit A Reality (Attempt 1 of 19), Andrea Božić and Julia Willms manage to contemplate on the concept of reality in a fascinating, alienating and meditative way. In doing so, they showcase the power of theater and imagination, ending with a pun: how can you escape the theatre?'Theaterkrant

How To Exit a Reality (Attempt 1 of 19) is a new performance by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms in collaboration with the moon. The performance is based on the Metonic score: a cycle where the Moon returns to exactly the same place in the night sky and against the same backdrop of the stars every 19 years.

For the performance, we have collected night-time dreams, memories, scientific models, moon rituals and SF fiction, all relating to the moon, spanning from the distant past to the deep-time future. The two performers take the audience on a journey through these different realities merging them with the architectural space of the theatre, so they all take place at the same time here and now.

How To Exit a Reality (Attempt 1 of 19)

How To Exit a Reality (Attempt 1 of 19) is a performance based on the escape room principle: we are looking for an exit but every time we find one, we end up in another reality. The two performers apply dream logic and gameplay to the world, approaching it as an existential virtual game – one that we can navigate, change, shift and play, or attempt to exit its logic. Every exit we take brings us to yet another reality – until even the space here and now becomes yet another fluid fiction.

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Concept, script, choreography, space design, video installation by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms script collaboration by Billy Mullaney performed by: Billy Mullaney and Julia Willms animation Julia Willms sound Robert Pravda light Vinny Jones management and production TILT  Marieke van Bueren head of technique Paul Beumer technique Erik Gramberg and Pablo Fontdevila media and production assistant Kay Churcher publicity and sales CASC dramaturgy intern Tery Žeželj EarthMoon image Julia Willms photography Thomas Lenden and Andrea Božić

Produced by TILT, residency: Veem House for Performance.

Made possible by the financial contribution of the Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Tijl Fonds, Kickstart Cultuurfonds, Horizon and DAS Research.

- Premiere 28 October 2021, 29 October 2021, SPRING in Autumn, Utrecht, The Netherlands
- 4-5 December 2021, Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (3 December cancelled due to Covid regulations)

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