After Trio A

Performance, 50 min, 2010

by Andrea Božić in collaboration with Julia Willms

After Trio A is based on Yvonne Rainer’s minimal dance piece Trio A (1966) and the No Manifesto (1965) written alongside of it.

Click to read (After) Manifesto's, a cover of Rainer's No Manifesto: (After) Manifesto's

‚NO to spectacle. No to virtuosity. No to transformations and magic and make-believe.’ From the No Manifesto by Yvonne Rainer (1965)

Trio A reduced dance to its essentials and is considered one of the beginnings of postmodern dance. It was originally a part of the whole evening called The Mind Is A Muscle. A Judson Church member, Rainer turned the current conventions of dance and the perception of body upside down, saying ‘dance is hard to see’.

The Avant-Garde Never Gives Up is a derivation of the performance After Trio A by Andrea Božić, based on Yvonne Rainer’s minimal dance Trio A (1966) and No Manifesto (1965).  In After Trio A, two dancers are asked to learn the original Trio A dance phrase live in front of the audience during the performance, copying from the monitor on stage.

After Trio A was commissioned by the Cover#2 project to cover a piece from dance history. It is not a re-staging of Trio A but a dialogue with it. Two dancers are asked to learn a part of the original Trio A phrase live on stage, without any previous knowledge of it. They do it in front of the audience, learning from a recording of the original piece played on a TV monitor, within the course of one hour. The audience observes the learning process: watching becomes learning, learning becomes virtuosity, task-like activity becomes a dance, knowledge becomes power, history becomes present, body becomes political, the non-spectacular becomes strangely spectacular.

Title of the original piece: Trio A (1966) and No manifesto (1965) Choreographer: Yvonne Rainer

Concept and choreography Andrea Božić in collaboration with visual artist Julia Willms Music, sound installation and live performance Robert Pravda Dance Emio Greco | PC Dereck Cayla and Neda Hadji-Mirzaei Light design Henk Danner Photos Anna van Kooij

Produced by International Choreographic Arts Centre ICKamsterdam in co-production with Frascati, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, commissioned and co-produced by Cover#2


- Cover#2 Festival, Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010
performed by Dereck Cayla and Neda Hadji-Mirzaei

- ICKEvent, Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2011
performed by Christian Guerematchi and Michael Jahoda

- Dance Week Festival, Plesni Centar, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011
performed by Iva Hladnik and Sonja Pregrad

- PuSh Festival, the Dance Centre, Vancouver, Canada, 2012
performed by Ann Cooper and Claire French

- Assign & Arrange Conference, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany, 2012
performed by Felix Marchand and Litó Walkey

- Solo? Festival, Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna, Austria, 2013
performed by Alexander Gottfarb and Lieve de Pourq

- CoFestival, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017
performed by Kaja Lorenci and Snježana Premuš

- depARTures / JOINT ADVENTURES, Reiterhalle, Munchen, Germany, 2018
performed by Jasmine Ellis and Daphna Horenczyk

For a text about After Trio A written by Claire French, who danced it in Vancouver click here

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