Audio visual installation, door, door frame, projection screen, 2:16 min, 2010

Home is an audio visual installation. An open door with its frame is standing in the middle of the room. A projection screen is mounted on the back of the door. The projection shows a room with a window to a view of a city. Inside, there is a TV – a curtain is blowing in front of the window. A ball enters the room, lifts off from the floor, bounces, rolls out again. In the sky earth passes by. From the left a shadow appears- grows bigger – and leaves the frame.

Concept, video, animation Julia Willms sound Robert Pravda advice Andrea Božić


- Skywards, Altana Kulturstiftung, Bad Homburg, Germany, 2015
- Here and Now, GAM | Gallery Obrist Gingold Essen, Germany, 2011 (Solo)
- Frascati Theater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010
- Todaysart 2010, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2010
- ITC DELTA, WTC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2010

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