I AM NO THING at Feminist Art Fest – AMSTERDAM

My work I AM NO THING will be part of the Feminist Art Fest:

16-18 September 2016

Friday 16/09 17:00 – exhibition openening & vegan food catering
19:00 – official opening by Marga van Mechelen
20:00 – Davina Shell (pop)
21:00 – Steekvlieg (punk/rock)
22:00 – YARRR (dj-set)

buy your early bird at www.feministartfest.com/tickets
early bird day ticket €5,-

Address: De Vlugt
Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125
1063 JZ Amsterdam

Click HERE for the full program of art, philosophy, music, poetry, lectures and performances

I Am- Beitrag


About Feminist Art Fest:

On 16-17-18 September 2016 the Feminist Art Fest will be celebrating feminist art, philosophy, music, poetry, lectures, performances, food and drinks in KunstWest on Burgermeester de Vlugtlaan 125 in Amsterdam. Feminist Art Fest celebrates the diversity of views in the art world and creates a space for in-depth dialogue. During the first edition of the festival The Rebellious Muse will focus on female artists. Increasingly, women and minorities are entering fields that have excluded them for decades. These spaces are not neutral, in that they are imbued with history and meaning that has been predominantly hetero-normative and ‘masculine’. Hidden power structures that constitute these spaces mark the body with a certain meaning and authority, or dis-empower it. We want to create an alternative to this narrative that has dominated the art world for so long.

Feminist Art Fest strives to open up an alternative to the patriarchal discours within the cultural and scientific sector, by presenting feminist art and offering a philosophical body of thought. We want women and other marginalized groups to become more visible within the art world and philosophy. During the art exhibition we will present work from more than 15 artists ranging from visual art and paintings to poetry and philosophy. The artists are from divers societal backgrounds, ages and nationalities. During the festival we strive towards variety and diversity when it comes to the artists and we let the art speak for itself. We will show that creativity is not linked to any normative ideas about sex and that art is not a presentation of gender. The idea of ‘feminine’ aesthetics will be explored through philosophy lectures, poetry and artist talks. After the lectures and performances we have live music, because feminism is also a celebration! During the festival there is room for discussion and questions. We respect different opinions and are open for debating them in an open and respectful dialogue.

The festival will take place in KunstWest (Broedplaats De Vlugt)

Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125
1063 JZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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