In Exile

Audio visual installation, three dimensional architectual true scale model of the exhibition space with an integrated Bonsai tree, projection screen, Quicktime film (length variable), loud speakers, video projector, 2009/2011

For the work In Exile a part of the exhibition space is recreated as a miniature three dimensional architectual model. Into this miniature model I integrate a real bonsai tree, which is too big for the model and breaks through its walls and ceiling. I film the model with the bonsai and project the film back into the exhibtion space. In the projection the bonsai tree has the dimension of a real size forest tree, and it looks like it is breaking through the walls of the real space we are standing in. A subtle soundscape of cracking every now and then supports the installation. The miniature model is also presented in the space.


- Infinite Nature – Artificial Scenery, FLUSS – NÖ Initiative for Photography- and Media Art, Wolkersdorf, Austria, 2011
- Opening event Mingo, Vienna, Austria, 2009

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