Interdisciplinary performance, 30 min, 2009

by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms

Beginning is a dialogue between Julia’s hand drawing and Andrea’s body moving. We start from a white page with a question: where do we begin? Beginning is a staging of this negotiation: a white page made black through live action and its immediate trace. Somewhere between drawing, walking, action painting and ritual dancing: really, just two people talking.

Beginning is a part of the collaborative triptych « Beginning Middle End « commissioned by the Springdance Festival 2009 and made in collaboration with Madalina Dan (ROM) and Michael Pinchbeck (UK). Madalina, Michael and Andrea met for the first time during Springdance Dialogue 2008. They decided to create a performance together, about the beginning, the middle and the end.

‘In no time, evolution from beginning to end is drawn past us.’ Volkskrant

‘Fascinating from the beginning to the end’ 8Weekly

‘From reaction, counter reaction and interaction finally an abstract, unique work of art was seen. (…) fascinating, an impressive 20 minute piece!’ TheaterKompas

Concept Andrea Božić, Julia Willms Live drawing Julia Willms Dance Andrea Božić

Beginning is a Springdance Festival production in coproduction with Frascati.


- Punk Dance Art, SCHUNCK Glaspaleis Museum, Heerlen, 2018
- Croatian Embassy Statehood Day, Design museum, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013
- Culturele Zondagen, Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2013
- Aarhus Festival, Denmark, 2012
- Interrarium, Banff, Canada, 2012
- PuSH Festival, Vancouver, Canada, 2012
- Plateaux Festival, Maison des Arts de Cretail, Paris, France, 2011
- TanzRäume Festival, Emil Schumacher Museum, Hagen, Germany, 2011
- Dance Week Festival, the Dance Centre, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011
- Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2010
- Arcus Temporum Festival, Pannonhalmi, Hungary, 2010
- ICKEvent, Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010
- Springdance Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2009 (Premiere)


- Die Farbe Weiss, Gallery Obrist, Essen, Germany, 2011

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