Spectra – Vienna Art Foundation – Kunstraum am Schauplatz – VIENNA

SPECTRA: Light Like a Bird, Not Like a Feather

6 to 26 November 2015

at Kunstraum am Schauplatz

by Andrea Bozic & Julia Willms | Tilt



Spectra is a long term nomadic project by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT. It engages with the space it appears in as an organism and part of the artwork. It is a space of a particular attention. The Vienna appearance is one of its first manifestations in a series. For the occasion, we make the space of the Kunstraum am Schauplatz into Spectra: a space where we do not know yet where we are. The Vienna appearance is a collaboration with the location, the nature and the night sky based on the principle of migration. Spectra is an exercise in attention: a trajectory of spaces where the inside is outside is inside. Light Like a Bird, Not Like a Feather.

Spectra is a continuation of Willms and Božić’s ongoing research into the effects of attention and imagination, perception of presence, the politics of viewing, presentation of reality and distribution of authorship. The work re-organizes perception combining conceptual with sensorial and physical in paradoxical relations. All works are parts of larger constellations and are a cosmology in the making.

Spectra: Light Like a Bird, Not Like a Feather consists of the constellation of works that are both individual works and create a greater whole together:

The Cube (audio-visual installation, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms, 2015)

Through the Looking Glasses (audio-visual installation, Andrea Božić, Julia Willms, Robert Pravda, 2010)

I Am No Thing (mirror installation, Julia Willms, 2015)

The Passenger (Construction for a passageway, audio-walk, Andrea Božić, 2015)

Fireworks (performance in collaboration with the night sky, Andrea Božić, 2015)

Undoing What We Know (live performance, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms, 2015) performed at the opening


Spectra: The Cube from Andrea Božić & Julia Willms – Tilt on Vimeo.



Praterstr.42 – 2nd yard

1020 Vienna

Opening Hours:
Wed-Fri 16.00-18.00
& by appointment +43 681 81939710
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