Mars Landing

A live broadcast of the historic moment when the very first person set foot on Mars

For centuries, people have fantasised about life on Mars. This historic moment finally arrived: on 11 September 2010, an all-Dutch mission set foot on the red planet. The audience could bear witness to the live television broadcast of this momentous occasion.

Božić & Team presented a live report of the very first manned mission to Mars. A trans-media event that allowed the audience to experience the final stage of the Ulysses Mars mission and follow the astronauts from close by in their gigantic challenge. Two presenters were guides through an evening of film fragments, live simulations and discussion with the astronauts in space. Every evening, Jan van den Berg  chaired discussions with a range of studio guests from the worlds of science, the gaming industry and politics.

Mars Landing is a collaboration with the Rathenau Institute in The Hague; an independent institute that stimulates public debate and the formation of political judgments on the consequences of science and technology. One development currently being investigated by the Rathenau Institute is the blurring of the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are becoming ever more ‘real’, while the physical space is becoming ever more ‘virtual’. Where does virtual play stop and ‘hard’ reality start.

Performance, 75 minutes, 2010

Concept and directed by Andrea Božić visual director Julia Willms sound production Robert Pravda hosts Jan van den Berg, Ton Heijligers, Esther Snelder script Andrea Božić text Andrea Božić ism Ton Heijligers, Esther Snelder directing assistant Thorsten Blokzijl assistant visuals & streaming Mirko Lazović camera Thorsten Blokzijl, Anna van Diepen, Mirko Lazović, Ariadna Rubio Lleó scenography Wikke van Houwelingen, Marloes van der Hoek lighting design Henk Danner, Sjaak Zegwaard costumes, styling Nathalie Pravda production Yoni Vermeire head of production Lotte Heeman technique Barbara de Beer, Ramses van den Hurk, Attila Nemeth, Sjaak Zegwaard marketing, publicity Nicolette Aschermann, Arnold Hubbers, Luc Verhaegh head of communication Kiki Stoffels video documentation Tina Bastajian, Andrea Božić, Marion Tränkle photo's Anna van Kooij, Mirko Lazović

Mars Landing is a Frascati Production in co-production with the Rathenau Institute and ICKamsterdam, and was realised with financial assistance from the VSBfonds, the Performing Arts Fund and Fonds 1818. With thanks to Space Expo, Noordwijk.

- Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010
- Theater a/h Spui, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2010
- Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2010
- Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2010
- Chasse, Breda, The Netherlands, 2010
- Plaza Futura, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2010

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