Passageway at the BNKR

Opening: 17 March 2016, 19.00 – 21.00  hrs

Exhibition: 19.02. – 28.07.2016

I am happy to announce my audio visual installation Passageway at the exhibition In the space with_  at BNKR in Munich. It will be the first of four interventions over a period of 5 months.

In the space with_ (Im Raum mit_) is a dynamic exhibition concept. The starting point is a modular, object-like, room-filling exhibition setting by Viennese architects Peter Fattinger and Veronika Orso. During the course of the exhibition, four artists will intervene into the proposed setting, with one position added at a time. The exhibition will only come to its completion with the fourth intervention in the last phase of the exhibition period. The visitors are invited to become part of the spatial staging, to participate in the production of new spatial situations and to post them online with the hashtag #imRaummit .



Passageway is a site-responsive installation for a room in the basement of the art space BNKR. The room is extended through a projected video image employing the tromp l’oeil technique. The room extends and transforms into other interiors and exteriors: a tunnel, a staircase, a green alley. Passageway plays on the threshold between the actual and the imagined space, adopting elements of a three-dimensional space into its two-dimensionality, blending real with fictional and implying the visitor as a part of the work. It invites the visitor to linger on a border, in a hybrid space, to accept – for a moment – a merger of reality and fiction as a whole.

Passageway is in dialogue with the installation Doppelter Boden of the Viennesse architect duo Fattinger Orso.

‘It is only because of our ability to ‘see the world through a double lens’ that we can conceive of both the natural world and culture as being different than what they are in reality. Because we can distinguish between the real world and an imagined, or fictional ‘reality’, change and innovation are within the realm of human possibility. Regardless of whether such change means progression or regression, our ability to oscillate between non-fiction and fiction is crucial in imagining other worlds, in being creative, in presenting different models of society or in addressing ecological issues.’ (Pascal Gielen, Institutional Attitudes, p.12)

With interventions from:

17.03.2016 – 19.00 hrs
Julia Willms

21.04.2016 – 19.00 hrs
Constantin Luser

T.b.a. – 19.00 hrs
Peter Kogler

14.07.2016 – 19.00 hrs
Christian Falsnaes


Curators: Christine Haupt-Stummer, Andreas Krištof, both section.a, Vienna

Idea and concept: section.a in collaboration with Fattinger Orso Architektur, Vienna


Ungererstraße 158
80805 Munich

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 14.00 – 18.00 hrs
Guided tours: Tuesdays and Thursdays – register via

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