PoroCity at Huize Frankendael – AMSTERDAM

8 & 9 October 2018, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam

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Monday 8 October 2018, 18:00 hrs

Monday, 8 October 2018, 20:30 hrs

Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 18:00 hrs

Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 20:30 hrs


PoroCity by choreographer Andrea Božić and visual artist Julia Willms travels further through the city. After the Orphanage House by Aldo van Eyck, Frascati and ROC TOP NDSM school, they make a special version for Huize Frankendael – the only remaining 17th century estate of Amsterdam. On 8 and 9 October 2018, the whole building and the gardens become part of the performance. PoroCity takes the audience through a labyrinth of spaces inside and outside.

‘As a spectator and a ‘walker’ you experience a strange mix of personal memories, your own social and historical references and associations, combined with the wonderful logic of dreams that have their own architecture.’ ★★★★ Theaterkrant

PoroCity is a performance as a journey based on mapping dreams into special architectural locations. The familiar but elusive logic of dreams merges with everyday reality and, in their overlap, a third space emerges – a porous space we do not know yet. A space where anything is possible.

PoroCity weaves the dreams collected from various people into a larger dream narrative. Two performers alias ‘dreamers’ lead the audience through a labyrinth of spaces and map the dreams as though they take place in the here and now. PoroCity moves through a series of special architectural buildings as a living organism, in Amsterdam and further, such as Burgerweeshuis (Orphanage House) designed by Aldo van Eyck, Huize Frankendael, Frascati Theatre, ROC TOP NDSM school and other iconic locations. Each location is a unique experience where the dreams, the location, the building, the audience and the space itself are woven into each other and become part of the performance. The whole series becomes a performance in itself: a unique journey through the city.

Part of the performance is the audio-visual installation Through The Looking Glasses by Andea Božić, Julia Willms and Robert Pravda, a ‘no-space’ experience based on the Ganzfeld effect. The installation can be visited before and after the performance

concept, script, choreography and space Andrea Božić & Julia Willms light Vinny Jones, Paul Beumer sound Robert Pravda performers Matthew Day and Julia Willms management & production Marieke van Bueren technique Paul Beumer Kunstencentrum many thanks to Mala Kline and all the dreamers who have shared their dreams with us

Production: TILT Residency: BUDA The performance is made possible by the financial contribution of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Prins Bernhard Culture Fund, Stadsdeel East and DAS Research.

Huize Frankendael is the last remaining 17th century estate of Amsterdam, located in the heart of Amsterdam East, between the fast moving tram lines and the Amstel Businesspark. In the beginning of the 18th century, dozens of country estates were built in the Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer polder. Over the centuries, the city expanded forcing the country estates to make space for the advancing city and the investors by fin-de-siècle. Only Huize Frankendael remained. Huize Frankendael has a rich cultural and green history. Used by the nobles in summer time to enjoy nature, art and friendship, inhabited by art lovers and collectors such as the Gildemeester family who owned a large collection of the 17th century masters. During the 20th century, the estate was a horticultural school, a city plantation and an open air theatre, among its other uses.

The Frankendael Foundation now presents a contemporary art programme in the building that creates an inspiring fusion with this historical national monument.

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