Porous Night at Huize Frankendael – AMSTERDAM

We are excited to invite you to Huize Frankendael once again on 3 November 2018 to journey a lucid evening programme with us made especially for the Museum Night: with a late night version of PoroCity dream journey and Through the Looking Glasses no space experience with Julia Willms, Matthew Day, Robert Pravda and Paul Beumer, guided tours of the Image of a Private Collection exhibition by curator Julia Mullié and the Young Collectors Circle, one-on-one oracular performances by garden hermit Billy Mullaney, bittersweet dance tunes & 80’s synth by DJ Gleemaiden (artist and part time druid Áron Birtalan) and all night vegetarian snacks served by Huize Frankendael, restaurant Merkelbach.
Full program below – join us!

Date and time: 3 November (20:00 & 02:00)
Location: Huize Frankendael
Middenweg 72, Amsterdam
Tickets via Museumnacht

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Full program:

20.00 & 20.30 Curator’s tour (guided tour)

Julia Mullié, curator of the exhibition The Image of a Private Collection, will give two guided tours of the exhibition in collaboration with the Young Collectors Circle.

21.30 & 22.30 & 23.30 & 00.30 PoroCity (performance, late night pop up version)

Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT take the visitors on a PoroCity journey: they weave the dreams collected from various people into the building of Huize Frankendael merging the dreams, the building, its gardens, the audience, the present and the past, other artworks and accidental passers by, fiction and parallel realities, light and sound, into the performance. With Matthew Day and Julia Willms (performance), Robert Pravda (sound installation), Paul Beumer (light installation)

20.00-02.00 Through the Looking Glasses (audio-visual installation, ongoing)

Enter the light and sound installation based on Ganzfeld effect by Andrea Božić, Julia Willms and Robert Pravda | TILT and subdue yourself to a no-space experience. The eyes see no visible borders of the space, the ears hear no recognisable sound of the environment – the body enters a no-space. A similar training is undergone by astronauts preparing for travel in outer space.

20.00 – 02.00 Welcome, I Have Been Expecting You (performance)

Evoking Frankendael’s historic garden hermit, tonight’s Garden hermit, Billy Mullaney, will be conducting one-on-one oracular performances in a secret location on the grounds of Huize Frankendael. You will be guided there by a stranger when it is your turn. Garden hermits were hermits encouraged to live in purpose-built hermitages or rockeries on the estates of wealthy land-owners during the 18th century. Encouraged to dress like druids and remain permanently on site where they could be fed, cared-for and consulted for advice or viewed for entertainment.

22.00-01.00 DJ Gleemaiden (Áron Birtalan)

Bitter-sweet dance tunes & 80’s synth by Gleemaiden in the Koetshuis. Gleemaiden is Áron Birtalan: an artist, musician and part-time druid based in Amsterdam. Drowned in walls of reverb, shrouded in veils of echo, Gleemaiden’s sets are harbingers of bittersweet dance tunes. Lush weeps, spellbinding rhythms and other curious sounds from an antique future. Oh, and cheap claps.

All night: Huize Frankendael – the building and its gardens.
The last 18th century estate house of Amsterdam

All night: vegetarian goodies by Huize Frankendael restaurant Merkelbach:
Pearl barley risotto with pumpkin and black kale chips.

In collaboration with Suzanne Sanders and the Frankendael Foundation


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