Solid States: Orange at Project:ARTspace – NYC

Solid States: Orange and the weather performance: Fireworks are part of the exhibition i will not be just a tourist in the world of images just watching images passing by which i cannot live in make love to possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy, a group exhibition of five artists: Hee-Seung Choi, Claire Harvey, Ben Pointeker, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms.

Sharing a poetic approach in embodying experiences moving between the physical world and that of the mind, five artists have created works in media ranging from painting and photography to video and installation. Under the title taken from Anais Nin’s diary, works navigate through multiple realms with different modes and densities of time, questioning and investigating borders between what is perceived as internal and external; and how these may fold and ripple into each other.

Opening Reception: October 23, 7pm – 9pm

Exhibition: 23 October – 13 December 2019

Project: ARTspace, 99 Madison Avenue, 8 Floor, New York, NY 10016

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12-18 pm, Sat-Sun closed


Solid States: Orange, 2019

Collage based on digital imaging techniques

Solid States is a series of collages based on digital imaging techniques. They stage a porous interplay between interior and exterior environments – their historical/political connotations, their architectural structure, concept, form and function and their level of ‘naturalness’ or artificiality. Orange features a huge mountain range embedded into an interior space. Orange stages the hills of Madeira (an island colonised by Portugal) within the Amsterdam Museum based in a former city orphanage building. The Solid States series proposes complex systems and paradoxical relations between organic and built environments distilled to one still image.

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