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Spectra – Space Is an Organism

Under the umbrella name Spectra - Space Is an Organism, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms explore the relationship between attention and an embodied experience of space: how the (re)organisation of attention and space affects one’s sense of ‘reality’ and the modes of spectatorship emerging from it. How – when the logics of attention and space are altered – might a new ‘imaginal’ space appear in their overlap?

We create installations and performance environments that (re)organise the logic of how the space functions, provoking an investigative gaze through an embodied experience of artificially constructed but real spaces. Our works overlap the spatiotemporal logic of dreams, the interactivity of game-play and the deep-time scales of cosmology and quantum physics with the space here and now. Incorporating the apparatus and the architecture of the site with visitors’ own presence as part of the work, we create a porous border between the work, the stage and the world. Our artworks operate as interfaces with the world – to consider the co-constructedness of art and world as imaginal spaces, where re-configured attention can be practiced and taken into the world.

We work in site-responsive audio-visual installations, performances, digital collages, drawings, game-play scores and collaborations with the weather and night sky.

Through the Looking Glasses by Julia Willms


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