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TILT is an interdisciplinary constellation founded by choreographer Andrea Božić, sound artist Robert Pravda and visual artist Julia Willms. The three have worked together based in the Netherlands since 2004 and in 2009 they founded TILT to support and inspire artistic practice beyond disciplines.

TILT is an ongoing collaboration project of three artists who continue their individual practices and at the same time work together in various constellations. Tilt make interdisciplinary works that re-organize perception and are a captivating mix of live performance, installation, visual and sound art and collaborations with the weather. All individual projects are parts of larger constellations. TILT present the work across different contexts and borders: theatres, musea, festivals, galleries, site-specific, imaginary and virtual locations and have collaborated with a plethora of partners locally and internationally.

Their performance work was produced by the Frascati productions (2003-2012) and has toured nationally and internationally. From 2009-2012, they were artist in residence at the International Choreographic Arts Centre Amsterdam (ICK). The TILT members’ work was presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions and festivals (inter)nationally (Centre Pompidou Metz, de Appel, EMAF, November Music, a.o.)

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Artistic direction: Andrea Božić and Julia Willms
Manager: Marieke van Bueren
Associated artist: Robert Pravda
Associated artist: Billy Mullaney

Marcusstraat 52-1D
1091TK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

TILT Board
Carin Rustema (chairman)
Michel Bezem (treasurer)
Suzanne Sanders (secretary)
Renée Copraij (board member)

TILT Board
Annemieke Keurentjes (2009-2017)
Jeroen Fabius (2009-2021)
Rainer Hofmann (2019-2021)

TILT is a non-profit organisation in the Netherlands.
Statutory name: Stichting TILT
Commercial Register KVK: 34362725
RSIN/ANBI: 821410441
The board works in a honorary context.

Through the Looking Glasses by Julia Willms


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