Audio visual installation, window, broken bulb, projection screen, Quicktime film, sound color, 4.43 min, 2006

A window suspended in the air placed in the middle of a room. It is a fragment of architecture of a room without walls with a view to the real wall behind it. The projected space behind the window slowly fills up with water until it is completely flooded. The real window creates a suggestion of an imaginary space extending into possible walls of another room. This extension is a connection between the real architectural space and the imaginary one. The action that takes place in the window is projected by the viewer into the space he/she is standing in. The action in the imaginary space reflects on the real.

- OUTLOOK – INSIGHT, Museum Sinclair-Haus, Nantesbuch Stiftung, Bad Homburg, Germany, 2018
- GAM | Gallery Obrist Gingold, Essen, Germany, 2006
- Space Invasion, Viktorgasse, Vienna, Austria, 2006

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