Ways To Multiply Yourself

Performance, 60 min, 2005

My Body Is A Haunted House

by Andrea Božić in collaboration with Julia Willms

Ways To Multiply Yourself is a performance for a body viewed by two cameras and eight sound sensors and split into several audio and video projection surfaces. The performer is restricted to the only lit area in the corner of the stage, far away from the audience. The live presence is translated into an audio-visual ghost surrounding the audience.

Ways To Multiply Yourself is a journey into an unstable world of the self and the body – disclosing the layers within it. The body is observed, inspected, scrutinized, followed, abandoned… as it passes through a series of states and the memory of other bodies.

The relationship between intimacy and distance are inverted. The performer is physically far away from the audience but her image and sound are projected at an intimate distance from them. The real performer gradually becomes less real and more distant whereas her digital translation appears to be more tangible through a combination of live and pre-recorded image and sound, played live by the video and sound artist.

The performance is a process of a long zoom into the body where, the closer the camera gets, the more fantastic the landscape found and the more alien its presence.

Concept, choreography, audio-visual setup, text Andrea Božić in collaboration with Video, animation and graphics Julia Willms sound and programming Robert Pravda external eye Sher Doruff

Production: Theater Gasthuis, Amsterdam Made possible by the financial support from th Amsterdam Fund for Performing Arts (AFK) and the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts (FAPK), the Netherlands

- The research phase presented at the Philip Morris Danszaal, Theaterschool, Amsterdam
Premiere: Gasthuis Theatre, Amsterdam, 2005
- Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
- TECHNE06, Istanbul, Turkey
- Dance Week Festival, Zagreb, Croatia

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