Zandloper [Hourglass] at Museum Sinclair Haus – BAD HOMBURG

We are very happy that our audio visual installation Zandloper [Hourglass] is part of the group exhibition Sand- Resource, Life, Longing at Museum Sinclair Haus in Bad Homburg, Germany.
Glass is made of sand. Glass is hard enough to protect us but it shatters with incredible ease.  It is made from opaque sand, yet it is completely transparent.  It behaves like a solid material but it is also a liquid in disguise.

Zandloper [Hourglass] is an audio-visual installation as an interface that plays on the visitor’s gaze towards the space and the environment they are in, featuring sand as a central player. The installation creates a membrane between the cinematic and the physical space where the edges of the work extend – potentially indefinitely. Zandloper [Hourglass] features a mesmerizing cycle of exploitation, co-dependency, opportunism, fantasy, dream, fiction and habitual reality.

More information about the work here

About the exhibition:

The exhibition Sand - Resource, Life, Longing is dedicated to sand as an indispensable raw material, a material that is all too often banalized, and shows its diversity and its emotional and material significance for our society. It shows the sedimentary rock in its different structures, qualities and dimensions. The exhibition zooms in from the large, poetic expanses of the sandy landscapes to the microscopic components, making facets visible that are not visible to the human eye at first glance.

With works by: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Ole Bielfeldt, Ferhat Bouda, Edward Burtynsky, Andreas Gursky, Jochem Hendricks, Irenaeus Herok, Laurent Mareschal, Vik Muniz, Jenny Natusch, Jacques Pugin, Sim Chi Yin, Micha Ullman, Julia Willms & Andrea Božić, Stefanie Zoche

More information about the exhibition here

Concept, choreography, filming, installation by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms animation Julia Willms sound Andrea Božić

Produced by TILT

Opening Sunday 24 September 2023, 12 hrs

Exhibition 24 September 2023 - 11 February 2024

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Museum Sinclair Haus
Löwengasse 15
61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H.

Opening times: Tue–Fri 14-19 hrs

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