PERFORMANCES in collaboration with ANDREA BOZIC
How To Exit a Reality (Attempt 1 of 19)
– Performance in collaboration with the Moon
Produced by TILT, residency: Veem House for Performance. Made possible by the financial contribution of the Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Tijl Fonds, Kickstart Cultuurfonds, Horizon and DAS Research.

2021Premiere: SPRING in Autumn, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2021Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2022DAS Third, DAS Graduate School, The Netherlands
2022Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How To Exit a Reality (Episode 1)
Produced by TILT
2019Post Dramatic Theatre Worldwide, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany
(PoroCity constellation)

Orange Night
– Performance in collaboration with the Moon
Produced by TILT, comimission by Centre Pompidou Metz
2019Premiere: 21 January 2019, Centre Pompidou Metz, Metz, France
(PoroCity constellation)

Produced by TILT, residency: BUDA. Made possible by the financial contribution of FPK, AFK, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdam East, DAS Research
2018Premiere: Burgerweeshuis by Aldo van Eyck with BPD and Frascati, Amsterdam
2018Frascati Theatre Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018Over het Ij Festival, ROC TOP NDSM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018Get Lost-art route, BPD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018Museumsnacht / Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2019Theater ins Blau, Leiden, The Netherlands
2019SPRING Festival Utrecht, The Netherlands
2020Korzo, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Walk On Water
Produced by TILT
2017Premiere: Reina Sofia Museum and Artea, Madrid, Spain

Undoing What We Know II
– Performance exercise
Produced by TILT
2017Premiere Spectra Studio, Marci Panis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A Mile of Wool – Episode 1
– A choreography for a mile of wool, moving bodies, the theatre space, lights and the audience present in it.
Produced by TILT
2017COME TOGETHER #3 Festival, Frascati theatre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Passage - Episode 1
Concept, choreography, spatial design and performance
– A performance that passes through a theatre in collaboration with the weather and the city.
Produced by TILT. Spectra project development has been made possible by the financial contribution of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, the Mondriaan Fund and the research subsidy of DAS Research.
2016Frascati theatre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Day for Night: Total Eclipse of Equinox Sun
- A performance by Andrea Božić in collaboration with the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and Julia Willms.
Produced by TILT.
2015ARE YOU ALIVE OR NOT? Looking at ART through the lens of THEATRE‘ organised by Studium Generale Rietveld Academie, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Intergalactic (An Attempt To Overcome The Binary)
concept, visual space design, text and performance
Produced by TILT in co-production with WEB (Frascati, WP Zimmer, Le Vivat, Vooruit) and ICKAmsterdam, with the support from Dasarts. Made possible by the financial contribution of AFK, NFPK and SNS Reaal Fonds
2013Premiere: Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium
2013Le Vivat, Armentieres, France
2013Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2014Beauty Bauhaus & the Beast, Frascati/Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
2014Grande Theatre Groningen
2014Theater ins Blau, Leiden
2014Kruisruimte, Eindhoven

concept, design visual space, video and light
– interdisciplinary dance performance
Commission by and with Emio Greco | PC’s dance ensemble
Produced by ICKAmsterdam in co-production with Frascati, Amsterdam, with the financial support of VSBFonds
2012Premiere: Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012Julidans, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012Luid Land, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands
2013Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013Chasse, Breda, The Netherlands
2013Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2013Korzo, The Hague, The Netherlands

– short performative prelude of Lithium
Commissioned and produced by ICKAmsterdam
2011Premiere: Frascati, Amsterdam, ICKEvent2, The Netherlands

Mars Landing
visual director
– interdisciplinary performance
Commissioned and co-produced by Rathenau Institut, Den Haag Produced by Frascati in co-production with ICKAmsterdam, with the financial support of NFPK, VSBFons and Fonds 1818
2010Premiere: Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2010Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2010Chasse, Breda, The Netherlands
2010Plaza Futura, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2009Theater a/h Spui, The Hague, The Netherlands (performance and debate)

After Trio A
video and concept
Commissioned and co-produced by COVER#2, a production of ICKAmsterdam in co-production with Frascati
2010Premiere: COVER#2, Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011ICKEvent, Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011Dance Week Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2011Dance Is Hard To See, Camillo 2.0 PSI conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands (presentation)
2012PuSh Festival, Vancouver, Canada
2012Ordering Konferenz, HAU, Berlin, Germany
2012Tanzquartier Vienna, Austria
2016Toneelschuur Haarlem, The Netherlands (A talk about working on After Trio A by Andrea Božić)
2016Rialto, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (A talk about working on After Trio A by Andrea Božić)
2016CoFestival, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
2017JOINT ADVENTURES / depARTures, Munich, Germany

DP: Paradiso (A Study for Paradise)
video and concept
Commissioned and produced by ICK Amsterdam
2009Premiere: Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010Poetry of the Everyday, Frascati in the Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011Deventer Schouwburg, Deventer, The Netherlands
2011Odeon de Spiegel, Zwolle, The Netherlands
2011Rabotheater Hengelo, The Netherlands

Beginning. Middle. End.
concept and live drawing
Commissioned by Springdance Festival in co-production with Frascati Theatre, in collaboration with Andrea Bozic, Madalina Dan (Middle) and Michael Pinchback (End)
2009Premiere: Spring Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands


2008ICKEvent, Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009Arcus Temporum Festival, Pannonhalma, Hungary
2009Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
2010Dance Week Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2010Tanzräume, Emil Schumacher Museum, Hagen, Germany
2010Plateaux, La Briqueterie, Paris, France
2011PuSH Festival, Vancouver, Canada
2011Interrarium Live, the Banff Centre for the Arts, Calgary, Canada
2011Aarhus Festival, Denmark
2012Theatre Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2013Design Museum, Kopenhagen, Denmark
2018PUNK+ DANCE + ART, SCHUNCK Museum, Glaspaleis, Heerlen, The Netherlands

Nothing Can Surprise Us
video and concept
Produced by Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam in co-produktion with Sophiensäle, Berlin, with the support of L’animal a l’esquena, Girona and Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris. Made possible by the financial contribution of NFPK and AFK

2008Premiere: Frascati WG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008Orbis Pictus – Teatrum mundi, Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008iDANS, Istanbul, Turkey
2009Im PulsTanz, 8:tensions, Vienna, Austria
2010Arcus Temporum Festival, Pannonhalma, Hungary

– short interdisciplinary performance with two Hiphop dancers
Commissioned and co-produced by Breakin’ Walls Festival (Frascati Theatre) and Gasthuis, Amsterdam
2006Premiere: Paradiso @ Julidans, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Still Life With Man And Woman
video, animation and graphics
Co-production of Theatre Gasthuis, Amsterdam and Plateaux Festival, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Germany with the support of PACT Zollverein, Choreographisches Zentrum, Essen, Germany and Dansateliers Rotterdam. Made possible by the financial contribution of VSBFonds
2006PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany (Research presentation)
2006Dansateliers Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Research presentation)
2006Premiere: Gasthuis Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007Plateaux Festival, Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany
2007Plaza Futura, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2007The Best of Plateuax Spring, Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany
2007Dedonderdagen, De Singel, Antwerp
2007Courtisane Festival, Vooruit, Gent, Belgium
2007Trafo House, Budapest, Hungary
2008Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008Springdance Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2008Bodig, Istanbul, Turkey
2008Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany

Ways To Multiply Yourself (My Body Is A Haunted House)
Produced by Theatre Gasthuis. Made possible by the financial contribution of AFK and FAPK
2005Philip Morris Danszaal, Theaterschool, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Research phase)
2005TECHNE06, Istanbul, Turkey (Presentation)
2005Premiere: Gasthuis Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2005Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
2005Dance Week Festival, Zagreb, Croatia


2017   Light Dark Light Heavy Archive – performative lecture in collaboration with Andrea Bozic, Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain

2014-2015   Looking That You Look, a performative lecture in collaboration with Andrea Bozic; Come Together: Beauty, Bauhaus and the Beast, Frascati, Amsterdam (2014), Kruisruimte, Eindhoven (2015), Theater ins Blau, Leiden (2015)


- Ensemble piece Onda verde, first part of the triology Relationen by Arteom G. Denissov, premiere with OENM (Austrian ensemble for new music), Künstlerhaus Salzburg, Austria

- Sampling Story, computermusic and video, ARGE Salzburg, Austria

PERFORMANCE in collaboration with CHRIS HARING

- Fremdkörper, interdisciplinary performance
Premiere: Tanzquartier Vienna, Austria, tournee: Biennale de la danse, Lyon, France, Spielboden Dornbirn, Austria, Suzanne Dellal Centre Tel Aviv, Israel, Trafo House, Budapest, Hungary